About me

I’m a clairvoyant in the female line of my ancestors, although I have economic education.

Spirituality accompanied my life from the very beginning, but it was a car accident that provoked me to make my clairvoyant abilities into my profession.

Using all of my achievements I work with clients individually or in workshop groups, by rising the level of consciousness, making understand the mechanisms that creates our reality and building a balance between spirit and matter.

I also have individual sessions of Spiritual Coaching where by using my abilities I help to perceive a situation from a higher level on subjects that interest my client.




Personal Development Workshop

Individual Clairvoyance Session READ

Personal Development Workshop

28, 29 May 2022

Grodzisk Mazowiecki

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conscious integration with subconscious mind and higher self

energy recovery lost in experienced traumas and repressed parts of the self

learning a method of work to clean and erase patterns from the subconscious mind

presentation of features and tasks in individual parts of the self, subconscious, conscious of ego and higher self 

presentation of mechanisms that creates our life

learning to be consciously participating in this creation

practical exercises to recognise subconscious patterns

Main objective – conscious life as a spiritual being in a human body

Workshop takes 2 days, saturday and sunday

Price 300€


Individual Clairvoyance Session

I respond to precise question in it’s context

Range of topics:

relationships, partnerships, health, diet, business

Session takes 45 min

Price 90€




Send me an email engel.renatka@gmail.com

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