Our inner truth

A little more privately this time.

Lately I got concerned that I’m not so young already, many relationships behind me and I can’t really remember if all of them had a positive impact on me.

With that in mind I decided to use Monika Jakubczak’s method “Droga do Wolnoƛci” (The Way to Freedom) and clean everything up. Because I couldn’t recall all the names, I simply asked my Higher Self to clean my whole being from everyone that lowers my vibrations.

Next night I had a dream about my last employer who wanted me to do some task and I refused with harmony and inner peace, knowing that I will loose my income. Another night I had a dream about my old friendship with a girl that I have had no contact now for 10 years. In a dream I asked her out for a coffee and told her about all the positive feelings I have for her. Those situations happened to me for real, only my reaction was very different.

I spent some time figuring out what my subconsciousness wanted to tell me. I was searching for the similarities between the two dreams. Eventually I got it. I understood, in reference to the cleaning method, that the dreams were to show me that the most important thing for us people, truth seekers, is not searching who is wrong or right or evaluating what is good or bad. The most important is our reaction to the situation, being aligned with our true feelings, with harmony, love and our inner courage. This is our inner truth that we find.